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FAQ Business & Commercial Insurance

Explain the process from the time I submit my online application for a quotation to the time coverage is placed.

There are 5 steps: (1) submit your application; (2) A premium indication including an estimate of costs and description of coverage is forwarded to you in 2 business days; (3) if the indication includes a request for additional information, send such information promptly (4) a premium quotation for coverage is forwarded to you promptly; (5) you tell us if you want us to put the coverage into effect.

Can I speak with someone "live" during this process? How do I contact you? Do you have a toll-free number?
You can either contact us at (516) 579-5100 between the hours of 9am - 7pm M-Fri or 10am - 4pm Sat EST.

Explain the difference between a premium indication and a premium quotation?
A Premium Indication is an estimate of the cost, terms, and conditions of coverage subject to review of additional information that insurance company underwriters require; a Premium Quotation is an exact price at which the policy with agreed terms and conditions can be put into effect and for which you will receive evidence of insurance.

What insurance companies do you use?
As one of the nation's largest brokers, we place policies with over 75 highly rated insurance companies like: Prudential...

Once I'm a customer, who will be servicing my account? How do I request certificates of insurance for landlords, lenders, or others, and make billing inquiries?
An account servicing representative, expert in your industry, will be assigned to handle all service functions and will be available by e-mail, phone, or fax, or when possible in person. We strive to build personal relationships with our customers.

What are my options for premium payments?
Prior to putting coverage into effect, we will require a down payment of typically 20-25% of the annual premium. We accept checks, money orders and will have an online credit card option available soon. The balance of the premium typically is paid via a premium finance agreement with 9 monthly installments.

How do I report a claim?
Claims can be called in to 516-579-5100.
Ask your local Spirit Agency representative for their local fax number. When obtaining a policy, keep this checklist of prompt questions with you.

What type of equipment do I have?
How do I use that equipment?
What property is owned by my business?
Where do I conduct my business?
Do I have business vehicles?
Do I have employees?
Do I perform a professional service?
Can someone sue me for providing incorrect information or making a mistake?
If a fire occurs, will it shut down my business?
Am I making a product?
Do people come into my home?
Will I be doing work off-site?
Do I use my personal auto for business?
If I'm injured while I'm working, what will happen to my business?
How much is my equipment worth?

"Please refer to your policy declarations page as special terms, conditions And exclusions may apply."

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