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As a smaller company ourselves, Spirit Insurance understands all the “sweat equity” that goes into building a business -- and the urge to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Because we understand that each business has its own unique needs, especially in an area like NYC, Spirit Insurance works with a variety of the best insurance carriers to tailor each business or commercial insurance quote to the company’s needs -- whether you’re a small business or a large corporation.

Some of the types of business insurance we offer include:

●     Worker’s compensation

●     Group Health

●     Bonds

●     Property and Casualty

●     Liability

●     Automobile Fleets 

And we realize that not just different sizes of businesses, but also those in different industries, have specific needs. A service industry business such as a hair salon or dry cleaners may need more coverage against water damage or spoilage. A restaurant may need coverage for employee dishonesty, fire and vandalism, or equipment breakdown. Offices often choose business insurance that covers data compromise, loss of income and equipment breakdown.

Whatever insurance coverage your business needs, Spirit Insurance makes sure you have it from the best insurers and at a competitive price. Call us today at 800-853-5922 and speak to an agent about your business or commercial insurance needs!

Business insurance
offices, retail, wholesale, gargage and dealers
They often consider:
• Equipment Breakdown coverage
• Data Compromise coverage
• Loss of Income coverage
Small Offices
Such as medical practices, interior
decorators or accountants.

They often choose:

• General Liability coverage
• Business Property coverage
• Data Compromise coverage
Restaurants and Fast Food
Such as pizza shops, burger
places or deli's.

They often go with:
• Equipment Breakdown coverage
• Fire and Vandalism coverage
• Employee Dishonesty coverage
Service Industries
Such as hair salons, printers
or dry cleaners.

They often get:

• Water Damage coverage
• Spoilage coverage
• Sign coverage
Home-Based Businesses
Such as cosmetics, kitchenware, cutlery,
and food product sales.

They commonly opt for:
• Loading and Unloading coverage
• General Liability coverage
• Employment Practices Liability coverage
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